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sissy poet icons

Sissy Poet Icons
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sissy poet // introduction

"I remember the costumer designer saying when I was trying on swimming trunks 'aren't you supposed to be fit, you could be playing a sissy poet or something.'"
- robert pattinson on how unfit he was during the filming of harry potter and the goblet of fire.

and that is exactly how this community started, with that very quote. the idea of it was thought up by isabel (baisemoibien).

Name: Isabel // baisemoibien
sissypoet since: May 24, 2006
What my icons are known for: Being really simple with odd cropping.
3 of my favorite icons:

Name: Tara // hermyownee
sissypoet since: May 24, 2006
What my icons are known for: I like to use a lot of
grays and my icons seem to have more of a 'grunge'
look. I also really love working with b&w photographs. I also explore a lot with different coloring techniques.
3 of my favorite icons:

Name: Jess // hazy_crazy
sissypoet since: 20th Feb 2008
What my icons are known for: Simplicity, I guess. I like to experiment with different types of colouring, and I'm going to assume that I've made more Matt Lewis/Neville Longbottom icons than anybody else on livejournal ;D I also like trends, but I try and stick to my own unique 'style' wherever possible.
3 of my favorite icons:

Name: Lisa // vaguelyclear
sissyposet since: February 21, 2008.
What my icons are known for: It really depends on what the icons are of, but as a general statement, I'd say they're grungey-pretty :) They're clean, clear, and usually have nice colouring (in my opinion, anyway). Also, more often than not, they'll have some kind of texture or mask as an added effect.
3 of my favourite icons:

Name: Liz // papered
sissypoet since: Feb 21, 2008
What my icons are known for: I tend to do icons with a variety of different styles, so it's hard to really categorize them, but I love bright colors/textures and text icons.
3 of my favorite icons:

rules//crediting & the like

When taking an icon (or several icons) from one of our icon artists be sure to give them proper credit. Here is how to:

Some of our artists may or may not require commenting. So after looking through the icons and taking some, be sure to read and make sure to see their own personal commenting rules. Remember though: comments are always appreciated and are much ♥ even if they are not required. =)

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